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Horizontal Flow Pack Machine

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This series of horizontal pack machine adopts the method of fully automatic seal production with seal. The machine can complete the tasks of shaping of three side seal and four side seal, material filling and sealing. The pack machine is equipped with different feeding devices to realize the fully-automatic packaging of powder, granule, liquid and objects of irregular class. It's especially applicable to automated production project of large scale. There are also series especially designed for large scale packaging and high speed dual output to cater to the packaging demands of different clients.

Model SYH-130 SYH-180D
Package Type Three Side Seal, Four Side Seal Three Side Seal, Four Side Seal
Package Width 60-140mm 70-90mm
Package Length 70-180mm 90-225mm
Film Diameter 400mm 500mm
Measurement Method Measuring Cup, Screw, Piston Pump, Electronic Scale Measuring Cup, Screw, Piston Pump, Electronic Scale
Workplace Single Workplace Dual Workplace
Measurement Range 5-160ml 5-150ml
Speed 30-70 packages/min 20-60 packages/min
Power Supply 380V 3.5kw 380V 5kw
Rate of Air Compression 0.6m3/min 0.7m3/min
Net Weight 750kg 1400kg
Dimension of the Machine 2500X940X1370mm 3500x970x1450mm
Packing process

1. Horizontal flow pack machine has high stability. The output product has firm seal and beautiful shape.

2. The feeding system, sealing system and filling system of horizontal flow pack machine are relatively independent from each other. The packaging is applicable to objective packages of different sizes and shapes.

3. Product packaging system
*Horizontal flow pack machine adopts heat sealing packaging material (polyethylene, multi-level composite coating). It can finish the task of packaging automatically.
*Horizontal flow pack machine employs fully automatic manufacturing equipment during the process of packaging and filling as well as sealing.
*If the package is of three side seal or four side seal, filling machine of different forms are adopted to package different products.

4. Control system
Horizontal flow pack machine adopts PLC control system. Touch screen technology makes the application more reliable and greatly simplifies the daily operation of the machine.