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Liquid Packaging
Liquid Packaging

Siyuan focuses on the design and production of packaging machinery which is mainly used for the packaging and weighing of granules, powder, liquid and some other materials. The machinery can be used for food packaging, chemical packaging, medical packaging, etc.

Since our establishment, Siyuan has produced different liquid packaging systems which can be used for packaging of different kinds of liquid such as soy sauce, vinegar, shampoo, sauces, oil, catchup, honey, jam, facial cream etc.

According to our experience of communicating with customers for many years, there will be three kinds of problems during liquid packaging:
  • For thick liquids such as facial cream the material feeding should be carried out via extruding because of hard to flow feature so that the material can flow into the pump. So the recommended equipment is a piston filling machine.
  • For stringy liquids such as honey, there will be a stringy phenomenon under common temperatures which will cause poor sealing. This requires that the honey should be heated to about 60 degrees. Under this temperature, the stringy phenomenon will be avoided, thus the sealing will be more effective.
  • For packaging of diluted liquids such as vinegar and soy sauce, needle valves are recommended. With a needle valve, the machine can directly pump the slurry from the stock bin to the packaging bag without dropping to the edge of the bottleneck. This can protect the sealing from being influenced.

Recommended liquid packaging machines
Siyuan recommends a vertical form fill seal machine (piston filling) which belongs to our line of automatic liquid packaging systems. The piston weigher adopts a mechanical drive requiring no additional auxiliary equipment.

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