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Vertical Packaging Machines for Powder Products

By equipped with auger dosing device. Our vertical packing machines are suitable for packing all kinds of powder products like sugar, salt, pasta, spices, coffee, flour, milk powder, and many others.

    1. Semi Automatic Auger Filler
    2. Semi Automatic Auger Filler Volumetric filling machines automatically carry out measuring and filling of granular materials, such as milk powder, feed, rice boodle, sugar, coffee, monosodium glutamate, solid drinks, glucose, powdery additives and dye. The volumetric filling machine features an extremely stable working performance.
    1. Automatic Auger Filling Machine
    2. Automatic Auger Filling Machine The automatic auger filling machine carries out counting, filling, weighing feedback, defective goods removing and conveying. It can also be combined with other equipment sets to form a complete set of automatic filling production line. This filling machine is suitable for packaging of powder or particle materials ...
    1. Automatic Filling and Weighing Machine
    2. Automatic Filling and Weighing Machine The automatic filling and weighing machine is specifically designed for ultra-fine, dusty powder and high precision packaging. It can accomplish filling and weighing processes according to the signal given by the weight sensor. It is suitable for additives, carbon powder, dry powder and other ultra-fine powder filling and other high precision powder filling.