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Automatic Weigher

Automatic Weigher

The automatic weigher carries out weighing and filling of packaging powder materials, such as flour, milk powder, feed, cocoa powder and more. It can be paired with a packaging bag making machine and premade pouch fill machines to form an automatic packaging machine.

Type SY-30L SY-50L
Filling weight 1-500g 10-3000g
Filling accuracy ≤±0.3-1% ≤±0.2-1%
Filling speed 20-100/min 10-80/min
Feeding box volume 30L 50L
Power supply 380/220V 50-60Hz(TN-S) 380/220V 50-60Hz(TN-S)
Power 0.95kw 1.7kw
Total weight 100kg 130kg
Outline dimension (L*W*H) 590×510×930mm 760×540×1020mm

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