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Our offices are divided into a testing department, production department, sales department, conference rooms, business negotiation room, integrated management office and general manager’s office. Every department is responsible for different tasks. The quiet and neat environment can also boost productivity.

Research, manufacturing and sales are arranged in the same place to ensure that different departments can keep up with each other’s progress and adjust its schedule in time so that the project can proceed successfully. The spacious and neat workshop provides an ideal place for our equipment manufacturing. The business negotiation room is well-designed to offer a private and peaceful environment. We warmly welcome foreign customers to come for a visit.

Manufacturing Equipment
Products of high quality can stand the test of time. The pursuit of quality is not only a slogan, but also should be fulfilled in practical action in every segment. We adopt advanced equipment and ensure that every component meets the requirements of our customers. With respect to the key components of the machines like measuring bumps, measuring cups and heat seal block, we conduct iterative checks and experiments. They are the prerequisite of the proper work of the whole packaging machine. In order to improve their precision, Siyuan has purchased a considerable number of digitally controlled processing equipment. That’s why we always win continuous praise from our customers. We warmly welcome foreign customers to come for a visit.

  • Hydraulic stacker
  • NC Milling Machine
  • NC Machine Center1
  • Ordinary Sawing Machine
  • NC Machine Center 2
  • Bench Grinder

Testing Equipment
Testing equipment plays an important role in ensuring the high quality of our products. We use advanced testing equipment to perform tests on the machine components and the whole equipment. Those which have drawbacks would be returned to the processing line or be abandoned. So that the high stability of the machine during operation can be guaranteed.

  • Screw ring Guage
  • Screw Plug Guage
  • Vernier Caliper
  • Microcaliper
  • Radius Caliper
  • Height Guage
  • Feeler Guage
  • Shore Durometer
  • Length Bar
  • Inside micrometer

Shanghai Siyuan Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.

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