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Prior to Purchase
Pre-sales service may differ according to the information provided by the customer when they consult the salesman. If you do not know which type of packaging machine to choose, we will recommend an appropriate type of machine according to your demands about the packaging and the material characteristics. We usually offer some videos and product pictures of the packaging machine to the customer.

During Purchase
The packaging equipment you have ordered will be ready in 20-40 days according to the machine dimension and the complexity. Our order coordinator will follow the project closely and inform you of the production progress. According to our demands, the machine will be inspected, shot video and recorded before they leave the factory. These materials will be sent to you for confirmation. Before the machine is loaded and transported to you, we will set up client document for each device to keep a record of their addresses and phone numbers as well as other necessary information for later use. Every machine is equipped with necessary fittings and maintenance tools to ensure minimizing the downtime caused by the repair and replacement of components.

After Purchase
Every piece of equipment comes with a one year warranty service. During the guarantee period, we will exchange the components which are out of order for new ones for free for you and pay for the corresponding international express delivery fee. If you could not solve the problems of the equipment, you can call us or email us. We will provide corresponding instructions and pictures to tell you how to tackle the problem.

Other Services
In most cases, the packaging machine is manufactured according to the demands of our customers. If you need it, we could provide film design and purchase service for you. We can also arrange training courses for our customers. We welcome foreign technicians to visit our company. We will provide free transportation in our domestic territory. If you have any problem, we can help you inspect the machine you have purchased from other companies in our country and arrange transportation service for you.

We provide OEM service.

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