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SYK-200 Granule Packaging Machine with Bag Forming Granule Filling Bag Sealing Machines

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

SYK-200 granule packaging machine mainly produces back seal sachets, stripe shaped rounded corner sachets, three side seal sachets and four side seal sachets. Currently most lathy sachets on the market are back seal sachets, some of which have punch fillet seals. It's applicable to the packaging of granule with high fluidity such as coffee, sugar, monosodium glutamate and flavoring.

Model SYK-200
Sachet Type Back seal, three side seal and four side seal
Sachet Width 20-120mm
Sachet Length 50-180mm
Measurement Method Cup type
Measurement Range 1-80ml / 10-350ml
Packaging Speed 10-50 sachets/min
Power Supply 220V 50HZ
Power 3000W
Net Weight 350KG
Machine Dimension 1018x1328x1709mm

1. This kind of granule packaging machine can work with measurement cups to form granule packaging machine.
2. The granule packaging machine is equipped with two optional kinds of blades: serrated-edge blade and plain edge blade. The edges of sachets cut by serrated-edge blade are saw-toothed and those cut by plain edge blade are flat cutting surfaces.
3. This kind of granule packaging machine adopts PLC control which makes it easy to operate on. It's also equipped with intelligent temperature control instrument. The seal is quite smooth and beautiful. There is photoelectric switch which follows the color code automatically and can make cuts accurately.

According to the demands of different customers, there are the following optional devices:
1. Ribbon printer; 2. Batch cutting device; 3. Straight cutter; 4. Air expeller; 5. Round hole; 6. Euro hole; 7. Vibrator; 8. Auger feeding machine; 9. Air flushing