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10g~5000g Automatic Powder Filling Machine

10g~5000g automatic powder filling machine can complete the tasks of feeding cans, measuring, filling and discharging waste. It is applicable to canned powdered materials such as milk powder, monosodium glutamate, solid drink, glucose and rice noodle.

Model JC-2B2
Filling Weight 10-5000g
Weighing Range 1--6000(Resolution 1g)
Packaging Precision ≥±0.3-1%
Packaging Speed 20-50 cans/min
Power Supply 380 50--60 HZ
Power 2kw
Machine Weight 500kg
Machine Dimension 1750X2700X2300mm
Container Size Cylindrical Container 50-180mm Height 50-350mm
Gas Consumption 0.2m3/min Pressure 6-8kg/cm2
Machine Dimension 2500×1250×2300mm
Bin Volume 50L

1. The automatic powder filling machineis equipped with PLC control system which interface is easy to operate on. All parameters can be added to the program module to be stored for later use.
2. This automatic powder filling machine uses can shaped or bottle shaped containers to complete the packaging process. It is equipped with automatic can feeding system which ensures no operation on occasions of lack is bottles.
3. The automatic powder filling machine will set off alarm on occasions of over feeding or under feeding. The machine also has functions of failure warning and waste discharging. Every can has gone through certain test to guarantee the qualified rate.
4. The machine has simple structure, reasonable layout and fast updates of packaging types. It's also convenient to clean the machine.

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