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Auxiliary Packaging Machine

Automatic Card-sending Device
1. The automatic card sender helps keep track of your products during packaging
2. Stainless steel frame
3. PLC controlled servo motor driver
4. Can be outfitted with aprinter to apply batch and date info
5. Compatible with various packing machines
6. Speed: 20-70 BPM
7. Card dimension: L60-80mm W40-60mm
8. Max film reel ≤250mm Max reel inner diameter ≥75mm

Automatic Parcel-sending Device
1. Can be used to load deoxidants into their desired packaging
2. Stainless steel durable frame
3. PLC controlled and servo driven
4. Compatible with a wide range of packing machines
5. Speed: 20-100 BPM
6. Parcel dimension: L30-100mm W20-80mm
7. Max film reel ≤200mm Max reel inner diameter ≥75mm
8. Electricity: AC 220V, 50HZ, 0.6KW

Rounding Desk
1. To sort packages in order to maximize efficiency
2. Stainless steel round pan, with a carbon steel frame
3. Standard round pan diameter 1000mm
4. The rotating speed and pan dimension can be designed according tospecial request

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