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Conveyor Equipment

Z-shaped Bucket Elevator
1. Vertical lifting, 90 degree transportation for high efficiency conveyance
2. Uses a chute to carry materials and effectively avoid scattering.
3. Transport capcity: 4000 (liters/hour) 7200 (liters/hour)
4. Lifting height: 2~6m

Screw Conveyer
1. Suitable for the conveying of powder materials such as flours, tea powder, protein powder, etc.
2. Transport quantity: 1~3(ton/hour)
3. Lifting height: 0.8~3m

Horizontal Fast-back Conveyer
1. The driving structure controls lifting direction, stopping and quantity in real time.
2. Stand alone transportation reduces material loss by 70%
3. Suitable for the transportation of various types of materials.
4. 15~20m design range.

Inclined Belt Conveyer
1. Net model conveyer belt with large quantity and well fluidity.
2. Take use of frame structure, clean and not easy to have dust.
3. Have transducer to control drive and to regulate the speed according to the
4. materials at site.
5. Transport quality: 6000 (liters/hour) 18000 (liters/hour)
6. Lifting height: 2~10m

Output Conveyer
1. Belt transportation can be used alone or along with packing machinery.
2. Stainless steel or carbon steel structure witha PVC belt and stainless steel chain driven structure.

Electromagnetic Vibration Feeder
1. To convey materials intermittently using electromagnetic vibration.
2. Suitable for a variety of material types
3. Vibration frequency: 3000/min 200v 50Hz
4. Conveyance quantity: 10~15m3

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