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Rotary Bag Fill Seal Machine

Rotary bag fill seal machine is applicable to the measuring and packaging of granular, powdered, liquid and sauce materials after being combined with different measurement equipment (such as mixed scale and rotary bag fill seal machine).

Model SYG-200 SYG-250 SYG-300
Workplace Eight workplace
Package Material Complex film
Package Opening Types A Positive pressure opening package, B Zipper self-support package, C Self-support Package, Plane package(Three side seal, Four side seal) and so on.
Package Dimension W: 100-210mm
L: 100-350mm
W: 15-260mm
L: 150-350mm
W: 200-300mm
L: 200-450mm
Packaging Speed 10-50 packages/min 10-40 packages/min 10-40 packages/min
Weight 1200KG 1400KG 1500KG
Voltage 380V, 3 phases, 50HZ/60HZ
Power 3KW 4KW 4KW
Air Compression Rate 0.6m³/min (Supplied by the customer)
Packing process

1. Rotary bag fill seal machine is easy to operate on and adopts PLC control.
2. The width of the package is controlled by the electric motor.
3. Rotary bag fill seal machine employs vacuum pressure pump (without lubricant) to avoid causing damage to the environment.
4. The contact segment of the machine are all made from 304 stainless steel which meets the requirements of food safety.
5. The design of self-support package whose bottom material is thick or sticky is adopted. Positive pressure opening package is also adopted to avoid waste of the volume of the package.
6. The table of the machine can be rinsed which makes it easy to clean.

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