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Back Seal Liquid Packaging Machine with Liquid Filling Bag Sealing Machines

SYJ-300 back seal liquid packaging machine mainly produces back seal packages. The packages seal at the top and the bottom. There is also a seal at the middle of the back. At the present there are many lathy packages which are back seal packages. It's widely used in the packaging of tomato sauce, honey, shampoo, face cream, oil and vinegar.

The maximum width of films of SYJ-240 and SYJ-300 are 240mm and 300mm respectively.

Model SYJ-300
Package Type Back Seal
Package Width 30-140mm
Package Length 30-170mm
Measurement Method Measuring Cup
Measurement Range 1-150ml
Packaging Speed 30-60 packages/min
Power Supply 220V 50HZ
Power 2145W
Net Weight 250KG
Machine Dimension 850x750x1700

Back seal liquid packaging machine is equipped with two optional kinds of blades: serrated-edge blade and plain edge blade. The edges of sachets cut by serrated-edge blade are saw-toothed and those cut by plain edge blade are flat cutting surfaces.

According to the demands of different customers, there are the following optional devices:
1. Ribbon printer; 2. Batch cutting device; 3. Straight cutter; 4. Air expeller; 5. Round hole; 6. Euro hole; 7. Vibrator; 8. Auger feeding machine; 9. Air flushing

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