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SYF-200F Powder Packaging Machine with Bag Forming Powder Fill Seal Machines

SYF-200F powder packaging machine is used to process strip shaped rounded corner packing bags which are very popular on the market. They are widely used in the packaging of flour, milk shake powder, protein powder, flavoring powder and milk powder.

Model SYF-200F
Packing Bag Type Back seal, Three side seal, Four side seal
Packing bag Width 20-70mm
Packing Bag Length 50-180mm
Measurement Method Screw
Measurement Range 1-80ml
Packaging Speed 10-30 packing bags/min (Single channel)
Power Supply 220V 50HZ
Power 3000W
Net Weight 350KG
Machine Dimension 1018x1328x1709mm

1. This kind of granule packaging machine adopts two parallel feeding channel which greatly saves the operating space and raises efficiency. When one channel fails, the other one can still work properly.
2. This kind of granule packaging machine adopts PLC control. It's easy to operate on. It's also equipped with intelligent temperature control instrument. The seal is quite smooth and beautiful. There is photoelectric switch which follows the color code automatically and can make cuts accurately.
3. According to the demands of our customers, this kind of granule packaging machine can choose to be equipped with air charging system.

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