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Multihead Weighing Packing Machine

This series of granule packing machine is usually used to produce sachets packing contents weighing from 0.2-2kgs. The maximum width of films of SYW-350, SYW-420 and SYW-520 are 350mm, 420mm and 520mm respectively. It is applicable to packing food of granular, strip shape and sheet shape such as peanuts, popcorn, jelly, Chinese dates, coffee beans, prawn strips, potato chips, sunflower seeds, white sugar, candy, soybean, corn kernels, rice, broad beans and pistachios.

Model SYW-350 SYW-420 SYW-520 SYW-620
Sachet Type Back seal Back seal Back seal Back seal
Sachet Width 80-165mm 80-200mm 80-250mm 80-300mm
Sachet Length 80-200mm 80-240mm 80-300mm 80-400mm
Measurement Method Electronic scale Electronic scale Electronic scale Electronic scale
Measurement Range 0.2-0.5kg 0.2-1kg 0.2-2kg 1-4kg
Speed 20-90 sachets/min 20-60 sachets/min 20-60 sachets/min 20-50 sachets/min
Power Supply 220V 50HZ 3kw 220V 50HZ 3kw 220V 50HZ 3.5KW 220V 50HZ 3.5KW
Rate of Air Compression 6Kg/m2 0.15m3/min 6Kg/m2 0.25m3/min 6Kg/m2 0.3m3/min 6Kg/m2 0.3m3/min
Net Weight 450kg 500kg 600kg 700kg
Dimension of the Machine 1325 x 930 x 1250mm 1550 x 1160 x 1700mm 1600 x 1260 x 1700mm 1650 x 1260 x 2000mm

1. Back seal granule packaging machine employs PLC control of Mitsubishi from Japan, touch screen control of Weintek from Taiwan and servo motor of Panasonic from Japan. These technologies and devices of high quality will greatly boost the stability during operation of the packaging machine.
2. Servo machine is used to control the length of the sachet sent into the machine. When the sachet reach the sealing machine, the heat sealing block will nip the sachet to conduct heat sealing along the center line. According to the requirements, the function of inserting pins, cutting sachets in batches and punching can be added.

Since the height of this series of equipment is great, feeding machine and output conveyer are usually needed.

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